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Bought all new brake and transmission lines for my Silverado from Inline Tube. Had trouble from the beginning. In big letters at the top of their website it says " All Orders Ship Within 24 Hours ". Well it was 8 days before my order shipped and then two of the brake lines were for another vehicle. Inline did replace those two lines but it still caused a further delay to a very timely issue.

The big problem came with the transmission lines. Two out of three lines were fine. but one line the ends were flaired too large during manufacturing. It was unable to be installed. Inline Tube refused to exchange the defective part. They refused to acknowledge that the part was defective at all. I had shipped the defective line to Inline Tube and they refused to exchange the part claiming it was fine.

For those that read this just answer one question.

If the returned line was fine and there was nothing wrong with it why couldn't Inline Tube just exchange it for another line in their stock and then sell the line I returned to someone else? The answer is obvious. I am now forced to purchase another transmission line from another source when I already paid Inline Tube. Evidently I paid them for a defective unreturnable, unexchangeable product.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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San Bruno, California, United States #816142

I agree 100%. Their customer service is "bottom of the barrel".

They took it upon themselves to make my master cylinder lines with a braided hose the same length as OEM. But then they added N3 nuts at each end and couplers, then the same at the hard line it attached to, thus making my lines 2" + too long. This pinched the hoses almost shut. Not something you'd want for a brake system, especially one on a vehicle you tote your family around in.

So I call and ask for shorter hoses as this will correct the problem. The usual "let me talk to the techs and I'll call you back" . Day one- no call back, day two- I call, still no answer, day three I call and now he's asking for photos so the techs can determine the exact problem and correct it. DUH!!!!

I told you three days ago what the problem was and how to correct it, SEND ME SOME SHORTER HOSES!!!. I agree to send pics, and as I'm about to, another guy that overheard the conversation calls to offer a solution. I tell him the problem and what do you know. He walks to another building, grabs some hoses, calls me back tells me the dimension.

Problem solved and those will be shipped out today. Thanks and have a nice day!! Moral to this story...they should have competent people answering the phone when you call and push the prompt for "tech support" As for fabrication, only one line in the set was bent OEM. I had to tweek all the other 8 lines.

I would not recommend them to anyone. "BUYER BEWARE!!!"

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